Pumps & Valves


With a vast range of pump & Valves types, material options, performance specifications and brands available, sourcing an industrial pump often requires expert knowledge. As a pump distributor, ARC Energy provides Pumps & Valves, which have built up expertise in specifying quality, and reliable pumps to meet precise industry or application requirements. With such extensive experience in the field, our technical sales engineers have probably already solved your enquiry for another client. We pride ourselves on the fact that the product we offer is not just the pump & Valve, but the expertise in selecting the perfect solution.

Our Product Range includes
Ball Valves│ Control Valves│ Butterfly Valves │ Air Operated Pumps │AOD Pumps │API Pumps │Barrel Pumps │Booster Sets │Borehole Pumps │Centrifugal Pumps │Flexible Impeller Pumps │Gear Pumps │Hand Pumps │Jet Pumps │Lobe Pumps │Magnetic Drive Pumps │Multistage Pumps │Peripheral Pumps │Peristaltic Pumps │Piston Pumps │Pitot Tube Pumps │Progressive Cavity Pumps │Screw Pumps │Self Priming Pumps │Side Channel Pumps │Split Casing Pumps │Submersible Pumps │Vane Pumps │Vertical Immersion Pumps │Vertical Inline Pumps