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ARC Energy understands the importance of having excellent quality product and service back-up. We have ensured that our engineers and technicians are experienced and well equipped with tools and machinery to execute quality work. We keep adequate spares, enabling us to attend to after-sales service and guarantee the quality of our supplied equipment.

ARC Energy management brings in a combined experience and knowledge of several years in Supplies, Support Services and Procurement. ARC has the capacity and resources to obtain supplies and support services from various sources around the globe and provide the same to our clients with optimum efficiency and cost.



ARC Energy is extremely committed to all its clients and is dedicated to strengthening its position within the industry by using its expertise, experience, knowledge and innovative culture to remain ahead of our competition.


Our growth is primarily driven by the trust we gain from our clients, demonstrating their level of confidence in the ability of ARC Energy. We are also eager to continue to grow our client list, concentrating on specific geographical locations and sectors.

Business Development

ARC provides regional support to companies working in Power Generation, Transmission, Oil & Gas, Water and Waste Management in terms of providing on ground logistics and document submission to be short-listed within the End User list.


In affiliation with our global partners, we provide engineering services and innovative solutions in various fields of power generation and industry including conceptual, detailed and final engineering design for mechanical, electrical, control system and systems Services.